Source: Cymbrowitz's office

Source: Cymbrowitz’s office

The following is a press release from the offices of Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz:

Trash problems and summer heat are a bad mix, and Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn) says the city needs to do something about the problem now before Sheepshead Bay’s vermin population starts to soar.

In an effort to address quality of life issues throughout his district, the lawmaker took New York City Department of Sanitation Borough Superintendent Joe Lupo on a tour of Sheepshead Bay yesterday afternoon.

He invited Lupo to his district because many residents have reached out to him about trash throughout the neighborhood. In addition to overall filth in Sheepshead Bay, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz told the superintendent about the overflowing trash bins on Sheepshead Bay Road and Emmons Avenue, the state of the Sheepshead Bay Road underpasses by the train station and along Shore Parkway, as well as trash along the Emmons Avenue median and Ocean Avenue.

Noting that the beauty of Sheepshead Bay attracts tens of thousands of residents and visitors each year, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz has partnered in recent years with the Department of Sanitation in an effort to encourage area merchants along Sheepshead Bay Road to sign up for Adopt-a-Basket, Sanitation’s volunteer program, which would help prevent public garbage cans from overflowing all over our streets.

The legislator also provided multi-modal funding for various beautification projects along the bay side of Emmons Avenue between Ocean Avenue and East 14th Street, which included newly-planted trees, new sidewalks, curb cuts, newly-painted railings, granite pavers, benches and covered trash receptacles. New decorative benches and trash cans recently capped off the much-anticipated project on the west end of Emmons Avenue.

In surveying the community, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz and Superintendent Lupo both agreed that immediate action needs to be taken. “While providing an aesthetically pleasing setting will encourage more people to enjoy the stretch of our waterfront, we need to be vigilant in ensuring that our community remains clean,” said Assemblyman Cymbrowitz.

He said he looks forward to continuing to partner with the Department of Sanitation to address the problem.

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  • Nick the Rat

    Why do we pay these people if they have to be dragged away from their desks to make them realize they aren’t doing their jobs? WHY IS NO ONE EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

    • MyBrooklyn

      They only know how to extort money from working middle class….and use police force to put people in fear. But people are stupid and will support these scum. Police and their supporters law makers/politicians who create a havoc

    • MyBrooklyn

      they would rather have some lame yoga classes….that will defiantly increase support for them if you are of course a naïve sheep

  • Local Broker

    It only took a few years to get someone down here.

  • Are elections coming or what?


  • Bb

    Cut ‘me some slack, hopefully it will be fixed now

  • Meow goes the cow

    Why don’t they clean up Shore Parkway too? It always smells like poo and it is filthy. Shakes fist.

  • Metsknicks

    Give ‘em hell Steve. I hope That Mr. Lupo got a chance to see what Sheepshead Bay Rd. looks like from Banco Popular to CVS. In my opinion, that stretch is the worst in the bay.

  • Dirty_on_U

    How about cleaning up Avenue U. The sidewalks in front of the Chinese supermarkets are filthy. Then sanitation dept. has their cars out as early as 7AM and yet, when I go out, the one on Ave. U & E. 18th St, has all kinds of raw garbage on the sidewalk. Peeking around the corner on E. 18 St, you can see all kinds of litter right off the curb. Also, all kinds of wooden pallets are left out on E. 18th St. No one seems to care. Makes one wonder, how they get away with this.

  • Alex Shafiro

    This story should be re-posted everyday. The streets of South Brooklyn are terrible. The amount of trash on Ave X is embarrassing. My walk to and from the train station is full of smell that make the hairs in my nose burn.

    • Jimmy

      Alex is a physical therapist. I am wondering if he gives “Happy Ending” massages.

      • Alex Shafiro

        Um, i am an architect. But a happy ending massage would be nice.

        • Gary

          Shame on you. That is prostitution.

  • Supporter of Left Handed Rule

    I remember when State Senator (now convict) C. Freddy Kruger led multi-agency task force raids on the filthy merchants on Avenue U. Many tickets, fines and cleanups took place, all to the betterment of our neighborhood. Too bad his successors have been so silent on the filth issue until now. By the way, where is St. Senator John Sampson on this issue or is he busy preparing his legal defense? Or maybe it is not part of his District. Let me know. Thanks.

  • Gene2T

    you want to keep it clean? get rid of people !