The future site of Brigham Street Park

In the 1990’s, city officials made a promise to Sheepshead Bay residents that a park will be built south of Emmons Avenue at Brigham Street on city-owned parkland. Two decades later, that promise is closer to being kept with Councilman Lew Fidler, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and other public officials securing more than $3 million in new funds for the development of the park project at Brigham Street.

Fidler, who is working with Borough President Markowitz and Assemblyman Alan Maisel, met with officials from the Parks Department and Bloomberg’s staff, eking out an agreement to designate the seven figure amount for the construction of the new park.

With money secured, it’s now time to figure out what will happen with the funds, which clearly won’t be as elaborate as proponents initially planned when they drew up designs in 2008.

“There will be a Parks Department planning and scoping process that will include the local civic groups,” Fidler told Sheepshead Bites. “This allocation will permit the construction of a simple park, nothing too fancy, but will include the infrastructure to expand upon its facilities as more money becomes available.”

The original designs called for a playground, boat launch, gardens and even environmentally friendly bioswales to help filter stormwater runoff from Emmons Avenue before it hit the Bay.

Of course, it’s not the first round of funds for the Brigham Street Park project, though. Maisel gave $50,000 in capital funds in 2008, Markowitz contributed $100,000 and Fidler chipped in $400,00 in capital funds in 2009. Even with the extra funding that was granted to the project more than two years ago, the status of the Brigham Street Park Project seems to be unknown to most involved in the process, though they were intended for use in the design phase and to conduct soil testing.

In previous years, the open space was used as a parking lot for gambling boats, a restaurant, and was a proposed site for parking for Emmons Avenue merchants.

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  • Lew from Brooklyn

    Stay tuned! Things will be popping soon!

    Lew from Brooklyn

  • Manasonic

    I wish they would use that money to repair the bike path that is right there and to create a proper method to prevent further washouts. Once the bike path is destroyed, the Belt Parkway, which is right next to it,  is next to go. It would be a disaster if that happens.

    Fidler is not bike-friendly as it is, but he needs some sort of exercise plan. If that bike path isn’t his territory, then the proper person should take some action.

    • Lew from Brooklyn

      For your information, at my insistence, the repair of the bike lane will be included in this project.

      Lew from Brooklyn

      • Anonymous

        Awesome! Thanks for the information.

  • Lynn

    It’s such a shame this area had been neglected for so long. I’ve been waiting.

    And waiting…. My kids will be grown ups before this project

    Is complete. The bike path is a dangerous disgrace! Waiting and hoping on Bragg st.

  • Bruce B

    Didn’t that gambling boat want to clean up this area a long time ago? Someone refresh my memory. All I remember is that the neighborhood chased the gambling boat out before it began.

  • Gene Berardelli

    I’m looking forward to being a part of the scoping for this important project – it has been near and dear to my heart for a long time. 

    From “pipe dream” to reality!  This is a big win for the community, who fought to keep this project on the table. Kudos to everyone who contributed money to make this happen!  Special thanks to CB15 Chair Terry Scavo and the board for supporting the Project from Day 1. 

    The larger dream of the Brigham St. Park Project can still be a reality if we implement it in phases and design to allow for expansion.  Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

    Thank you Mayor Bloomberg, Assemblyman Alan Maisel, and Borough President Markowitz.  And it may come as a surprise to some, but thank you Councilman Fidler.  It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Councilman Fidler, but if I am going to criticize when I disagree, then I feel I must commend when I agree. 

    (by the way Councilman, this doesn’t mean that I’m endorsing you or anything like that for any future political seat you may or may not be interested in!  I’m all in for putting the 27th Senate seat in the GOP column, just like we did for Congressman Turner in the 9th CD!  That said, best of luck, I think you’ll need it!)

  • Nyckat

    NO!- this is about the only place dogs can run semi free year around- the clean up, while being nice for kids and looks, will HURT the many dogs and owners that enjoy the peace and well ignored slice of land and beach!! Dogs have NO place to go in the summer to romp when the beach is open to the public in our about converting this space into a huge dog friendly park?!

    • Ned Berke

      Are you saying Sheepshead Bay needs a dog run? Cause I’m saying it.

      • Nyckat

        100% we need a great dog park- with owners that know what “poop bags” are for and actually use them! Manhattan Beach has a little sliver of a very nasty dog park- no one I know uses it though. Maybe a group wants to meet up- clean it up add some toys etc and plan on making it better?

         Barking Spider, prospect park lets dogs run free in the am, everyone cleans up, and no smell- a proper park with grass and people gathering on a regular basis doesn’t smell! City dog parks that are dirt or cement  hold in the horrible smell.

    • Barkingspider07

      How ’bout NOT!  Dog parks are dirty and stink – we already have the sewer plant.  Most people don’t clean up after theie dogs – I used to smell them all the time in the city.  No thanks to a dog park! (and I am a dog owner/lover, but I clean up after my pet)

      • Nyckat

        Me too- and sometimes after other peoples dogs as well, nothing I hate worse than being late and stepping in a dog pile that someone couldn’t bother to clean up! For some reason folks think if their dog does his business in front of a vets office or a grooming salon it is a free pass to just leave it and look the other way!

         I really can’t help but wonder if these dogs are properly cared for vet wise, as the “owners” can’t seem to follow the law and pick up the waste!