The Department of Buildings has lifted the controversial hold they placed on the proposed 2812 Voorhies Avenue mosque today, providing the ultimate green-light for construction to begin immediately.

Backers of the Sheepshead Bay Islamic Community Center met with DOB officials today to clarify on certain points of their plan. Their final paperwork passed DOB muster, and the project has now been approved by the commissioner. The mosque’s proponents now need only to obtain work permits in order to break ground, which a DOB spokesperson said can be issued the same day the paperwork is submitted.

The city put the plans on hold last week to review whether a Place of Assembly permit was required. According to DOB spokesperson Carly Sullivan, it is a common auditing process which they imposed on over 1,000 proposals in Brooklyn alone in 2009.

However, the Brooklyn Paper/Courier-Life chain set off an ongoing storm of controversy over the DOB decision by depicting the city as caving in to pressure. At the time the story broke on their website, it read, “The delay smacks of a back-room deal, especially since neighborhood political leaders are supporting the city’s stunning turnaround.”

The editors have since changed the audacious and unsubstantiated statement to “The delay felt to Ahmed and others like a back-room deal, especially since neighborhood political leaders are supporting the city’s stunning turnaround.” (The original version can still be found on The Yeshiva World News website, which excerpted the article.)

Regardless of how some media reported the delay, it appears the mosque now has the blessings of the Department of Buildings and will move forward soon.

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  • Anonymous

    The Brooklyn Paper are cowards. They should stand by their opinions!

  • Anonymous

    So, I don’t have to convert?

    • Lisanne!

      That’s a relief! Oh, the stuff we have to do to get our point across sometimes.

  • Kon

    Do they have any pictures of what it is going to look like?

  • Akg319

    It looks like my quiet block won’t be so quiet anymore? Pity the fool that tries to park in my spot.

    • Anonymous

      Is “my spot” on your private property? Then you have no problem. If you want to reserve a curb side spot… Oooops.

      • Akg319

        It’s private property, but when people won’t be able to find parking on the street, I hope they don’t even think of entering our lot. I will have a tow truck on speed dial. This has been my only concern all along. I don’t think terrorists are going to blow up Voorhies Ave.

        • Akg319

          I am not just talking about just the Muslims parking in the lot. I am afraid when someone can’t find parking, they might feel free to park in private spots. I have had that problem, on about four occasions because parking on the street is really scarce. I have stayed away from the demonstrations, and I won’t give my money to Bay People, because the rhetoric is ugly and uncalled for, and I believe it silenced out those of us who had real concerns about the parking and the noise. I grew up in Bay Ridge, and my mom has a three family house, and her last two tenants have been Muslim families. They pay their rent on time and they haven’t caused any problems, Their window faces the army base. We haven’t had the FBI knock on our door. Live and let live. I don’t believe any big community center belonged on this block, regardless of affiliation. Thanks to all the racists for guaranteeing it got built.

        • Anonymous

          The # for Traffic night hawks 718-385-0936. 7pm to 5am.

          Traffic Tow 718 694 0091. Unless they changed over the years.

          Good Luck.

          • Ruben

            thanks, by the way no one can park by the mosque starting next week, 45′ loooool at voorhies ave side….

            I think if any one will park there , this # helps too


  • Ruben


    now what is next ,,,?

    I think the next step is just fix what have been damaged with muslims, they are there and they will there,,

    Just be nice to each other and , all, live your life,

    • Anonymous

      Can I have an Amen.

  • Kon

    Awww Shucks! I am outraged that this mosque has been approved. I put all my hopes into them building another condominium in the neighborhood.

    • Akg319

      We didn’t need another unoccupied condominium either. A private house or two belonged there, since that is all there is on that block.

      • Kon

        I guess you do not understand sarcasm, or as we say in russian, cарказм.

        • Akg319

          That is a residential cooperative that has been there since the 1950′s on E28 St. Voorhie’s has nothing but houses, and the public school on the corner, across from the proposed mosque. That is enough traffic in my opinion. People are allowed an opinion when it affects their quality of life. I believe that makes the block in question, 100% residential, which the new development absolutely is not.

          • Akg319

            Perhaps I should have said homes instead of houses.

  • tee

    good. i cant wait to go there and worship.

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  • Gene2

    this is disappointing.

  • Barry

    So since all these angry old Jews have nothing better to do with their time and money since losing the fight, can they start a fight against the church on Ocean Avenue and Z? Does it really have to play entire songs with bells?

    • Americo

      lol i agree. people have nothing else to do with themselves. buncha low life losers trying to make parking an issue. please, i live a half block away on 28th btw voorhies and z and i never had a parking issue in my life. every single house has driveways lol!

  • D. Bacon

    Anyone for a BLT ?

  • G.M.A

    I heard they got the Permits,,,

    If so, What is the Point of the fundraiser??!!!!

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