Please excuse the headline. I just couldn’t help myself.

KamaSutra at 1717 Sheepshead Bay Road is closed for good after Superstorm Sandy devastated the storefront.

For some in the neighborhood, its closing is Sandy’s silver lining, considering the fierce opposition when it opened.

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  • SheepsheadBayer

    KamaSutra closing! But I was just going to get a job there. I’d heard they had openings for a lot of interesting positions. 🙂

    • Tuth


  • Bruce B

    The place didn’t bother me.

  • Voorhies28

    too bad the royal “spa” on voorhies somehow made it

  • ShadowLock


    • ShadowLock

      back to amazon i guess.

  • Psychosis all Night

    time to move out!!

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